Water Heater Tips for Saving Energy and Operating Costs

Water Heater

We all know that Las Vegas water heaters use too much energy, and that you need to pay for this energy the water heaters waste. It doesn’t matter if you’re using gas or electrical water heaters. However, there are some ways that you can save on energy when you’re using these kind of water heaters. Here are some water heater tips for saving energy and operation costs, which you can implement to save on energy usage.

The tank’s thermostat

There’s different heating settings on your Las Vegas water heaters that you can adjust your water temperature to. From not as hot to really, very hot. However, if you set the thermostat too high, you’re going to use more energy that’s going to cost more at the end of the month.

By adjusting the tank’s thermostat to a little lower setting, can save you energy. Some people want their tanks on the highest setting, but the energy usage is going to be really high. Checkout the latest news at http://news.thomasnet.com/fullstory/gas-tankless-water-heaters-offer-wi-fi-connectivity-20051931

Using a little less hot water

Using a little less hot water may seem impossible, and if you live in a country where the weather is really cold, you can’t really use less hot water. A normal household is using about 700 gallons of water each week, and this is a lot of water to heat up.

But, there’s some low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators that you can install in your home that will make your water use a bit less. These shower heads and faucet aerators isn’t expensive at all, and with these little adjustments, you will save energy on your Las Vegas water heaters.

Insulate hot water pipes

Many homes have exposed hot water pipes in their homes, and if you have cold weather, the exposed water pipes make the water cold. Then, you’re going to use more energy to keep that water warm.

The best thing to do, is to go through all your hot water pipes and making sure that there’s no exposed hot water pipes. If you find any of the hot water pipes exposed, then you should insolate these pipes or ask a professional to come and insolate these pipes for you. You will save lots of energy with all your hot water pipes insulated.

Insulate your hot water tank

Another important thing that you should look at is if you’re Las Vegas water tank is also insulated. If not, you should really try to insulate your tank. There’s some insolation blankets that you can buy that you use to cover your exposed hot water tank.

Water Heater

These blankets don’t only keep your hot water tank warm, but also keep your maintenance costs low, because your tank doesn’t get exposed to all kinds of bad weather.

We don’t have to use too much energy to use our hot water heaters. We just need to follow some great and easy tips to ensure that we’re able to save on some energy. These are just a few common tips on saving energy and operational costs on your Las Vegas water heaters.

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