Tankless Water Heater – Is it a Good Investment?

When it comes to your home, any major investment poses a difficult choice. This is particularly true if you are moving to a new place and setting up everything on your own. On one hand, there is a budget that you have to stick to and on the other hand, it is the desire to get something long lasting, which might be expensive to purchase and install. Such is the case with tank less water heaters. They come with a lot of pros but a few disadvantages too which make you wonder whether you should go for them or not. Here are some inputs to help you think whether or not these heaters are good investments:

  • As is clear with its name, tank less water heaters have no storage capacity, which means it heats water only on demand. This also means that it cannot provide hot water anytime you want. There will be a time lapse between you turning the machine on and getting heated water, unlike heaters with tanks which can store hot water and can be accessed anytime you want.
  • You can use tank less water heaters as supplementary ones, especially if you live in a country with extreme winters. In such cases, a water heater in the kitchen makes chores much easier. A tank less water heater will give you good supply of heated water as you keep doing the dishes or something else which involves water.
  • Installing tank less water heaters can be difficult and this task is best left to the professionals. Gas supply lines or electricity connections and a lot of other factors need to be considered when installing the machine. This is not a DIY task and even if undertaken might not be finished successfully.
  • Electric tank less water heaters are better than those run on gas since these are cheaper and require less maintenance. They last longer and come with extended warranties as compared to those run on gas.
  • Due to their inherent nature of not having a storage unit, tank less water heaters might be difficult to use in large homes where there are several inmates. Even if you do install these heaters in such homes, you need to have multiple ones. The simple reason being that the device starts heating when you open the faucet and not before that. So imagine, a queue forming outside your restroom for people wanting to take a shower.
  • Many people now make do with homes or apartments which are smaller than what they actually require or keep one as a spare. This variety of water heater is great in such cases. Compact in size and shape, the tank less variety of water heaters can be installed in closets, basements, and attics. They utilize the space you give them and serve you well.

Good quality tank less water heaters can last up to 20 years and that definitely makes them a great investment

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