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What are Nevadans doing in Costa Rica?

What are Nevadans doing in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a popular destination for people from all over the world. Whether they are repeat visitors, vacation home owners, or long-term expatriate residents, you’ll find a huge diversity of nationalities in virtually every part of this Central American country. One specific demographic, however, has been growing quickly: Nevadans. Nevada locals, most often from the Las Vegas area, have been coming to Costa Rica for repeat trips for nearly a decade, and now a huge number of them own vacation properties for return visits. It’s clear why they may be drawn to Costa Rica, with its tropical climate and vibrant culture, but many people are asking, what are they doing?

Where are they?

Costa Rica is a popular vacationer’s destination for many reasons, one of them being the surprising diversity of geography. In this small country, you’ll find over 800 miles of coast, two ocean shores, as well as mountains, valleys, rainforests, and volcanic area. Nevadan locals, for whatever reason, tend to settle near the shores, either along the Pacific coast or in the Caribbean region.

In these areas, not only do you spend your days rocking in a hammock with a fresh piña colada in hand, but you’ll have access to rainforest hikes, water sports, and city amenities. In populated beach towns, you can find 5-star restaurants, upscale hotels, and luxury condos, for those who wish to make an investment.

What are they doing?

While Nevadans who are new to Costa Rica spend their time in different hotels and resorts across the country, those with a history of travel often prefer to buy a beach town luxury condo. Using this as their home base, the typical return vacationer spends long mornings hiking in nearby nature reserves, trying out new water sports, and signing up for guided adventure excursions. Hot and tired from an active morning, mid-day will bring a cold shower and a tropical, colorful meal. The rest of the afternoon is often used for enjoying condo community activities, such as golf or swimming pools, or lounging on the beach.

Regardless of where these vacationers are from or what their favorite hobbies might be, almost everyone finds a beach front, open-aired bar to enjoy the sunset. The sunsets in Costa Rica are as colorful as the culture, and with so much coast and so many beach front bars and restaurants, it’s a shame to miss even one during your trip. This is a common time for fellow travelers or condo neighbors to visit and share travel stories over some traditional meals and local rum.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica can’t be beat for its natural beauty and welcoming culture, but that’s not the only reason so many Nevadans have found this to be their second home. Costa Rica is the most developed country in Central America. It comes with modern cities, access to your usual amenities, and an extremely low crime rate. What’s more, with the high level of education among Costa Rican locals, English is widely spoken and locals are comfortable working with any language barriers.

The natural beauty and modern comfort are absolutes for vacationers to Costa Rica, but the real estate scene is the cherry on top. Costa Rica has made it a priority to support the tourism and hospitality sectors, and in doing so they have developed an extremely stable real estate market, all the luxury options one could think of, and have made it legal for foreigners to own property without a residency status. On top of all this, a luxury condo will cost just a fraction of what you may find in the state, and with an almost nonexistence property tax. As if Costa Rica didn’t naturally have all that Nevadans are looking for, the pro-tourism government has made it easy and encouraged.

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